Addiction Treatment For Opiates – Stop Your Addiction This Month

For many people that are taking opiates, it is one of the most difficult things to stop taking. People that are constantly using them for painkillers, even after the pain is gone, we’ll still crave to have opiates in their system. It is addicting because it changes the way that your body responds to stimulation, requiring more of the substance at all times. Although it’s not as bad as cocaine or heroin, it can control your life, which is why you need to stop your addiction.

What Opiates Actually Do To Your Brain

When you take opiates, they are actually able to cross the blood brain barrier, and getting directly to your opiate receptors. Specific receptors called mu receptors which are directly connected to your central nervous system will be stimulated, causing euphoria and a reduction in bodily pain. When people take this on a regular basis, they find out that they are able to feel better than they have in years. What keeps most people coming back is the euphoria, but this is a drug that should not be abused.

Ending Opioids And Opium Addictions

The easiest way to end these is to cut them cold turkey, and just go through the withdrawals. You really can’t take another narcotic that can match opiates with the exception of heroin which is a very intense form of morphine. However, that would be going the wrong direction if you want to end your addiction. Check into a treatment center, or find a group that you can work with that can help you gradually wean yourself of opiates until your opioid receptors reset. If you can stay off of them for at least 30 days, you will not be addicted any longer to these very potent poppyseed-based drugs.