The Reality Of Drinking And Stress


Drinking on an occasional basis during holidays and social situations is usually not a problem for most people. However, if you find yourself reaching for a drink to help you get through difficult and stressful periods in your life, then you could be creating a problem for yourself. Drinking and stress don’t go together, and here is some additional information about why you shouldn’t drink to reduce your stress levels:

Worsened Stress

Although most people who mix drinking and stress don’t realize that over time the alcohol can actually intensify¬† stress levels. First of all, alcohol can change the way your body responds to stress. By preventing your body from producing normal levels of stress hormones, alcohol makes stress worse, as it actually suppresses these hormones. Suppression of these hormones can increase the amount of time it takes for you to relieve the tension in your body after experiencing a stressful situation.

Drinking also changes the way your body is affected by stress. If whenever you become stressed, you drink, this can become an endless cycle. The more you drink in response to stress, the more alcohol you crave as a result. Alcohol will never alleviate your stress the way you expect, so it’s best to find other, more constructive ways of dealing with your stress.

Healthy Stress Outlets

There are many alternatives to drinking alcohol for managing stress, and these alternatives are actually effective. Meditation, exercise, or finding a hobby are just a few of the many possible ways you might choose to lower stress levels. You might even be surprised at how effective simply talking to a friend can help. Almost any stress-relieving activity is better than reaching for a bottle of your favorite brew.

So as you can see, drinking and stress are not a good combination. If you realize that drinking has become the number one way in which you manage stress, then you may need to seek professional help before the alcohol causes even more possible problems in your life. There are numerous alternatives to alcohol for dealing with stress, alternatives that are positive and healthy. Follow us for more information and resources about drug abuse and drinking.

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