Get The Facts About Panic Attacks


Panic attacks are extremely common. However, many people who suffer from panic attacks are not properly diagnosed. They often go from doctor to doctor and still do not get any answers. There are several important things people need to know about panic attacks. Below is an explanation of some of the key things to understand about panic attacks:

What are panic attacks?

A comprehensive emotional nightmare is a term that can be used to describe a panic attack. People who are having a panic attack experience intense feelings of catastrophe and doom. They feel as though something bad is going to happen at any time.

Heart palpitations are something else many people experience when they are having a panic attack. Many people also hyperventilate. Additionally, people who are having a panic attack often feel as though they are going to lose control at any moment. Other symptoms of a panic attack include sweaty palms, chills and chest pain.

How Long Do Panic Attacks Last?

A panic attack typically lasts several minutes. In some cases, panic attacks last much longer than that. Additionally, many people suffer from recurring panic attacks. This can make going through everyday life extremely difficult.

What Causes Panic Attacks?

In many cases, the causes of panic attacks cannot be identified. They may come out of the blue. However, they can be triggered by excessive stress and negative effects.

How Are Panic Attacks Treated?

Unfortunately, many people do not get the proper treatment for panic attacks. Not only do many people not receive the proper diagnosis for this condition, but some people do not seek treatment. Cognitive-behavior therapy has been shown to be very effective for treating panic attacks. The purpose of cognitive behavior therapy is to help people replace negative thoughts and feelings with positive ones. Cognitive behavior therapy can change the way the brain responds.

Panic attacks are very difficult to deal with. Fortunately, people can get this condition under control with the proper treatment, such as cognitive behavior therapy. If you enjoyed reading this article, you should follow us for more information and resources on drug abuse and treatment.