How Ketamine Can Become Addicting – Treatment Options You Should Consider

Most people that have used ketamine have either gotten it from a friend, or purchased it off the street. It is a general anesthetic that is used by veterinarians, and was once used by doctors, but is now primarily sold on the street. It goes by many different names including vitamin K, and also special K., something that you can find at raves and parties across the nation. It has many side effects including vomiting, nausea, and a loss of appetite. However, the reason people come back to it multiple times is because of how it can change the way you perceive the world around you. Let’s look at what it can do, and how you can stop using ketamine in your life.

Ketamine Side Effects

The main reason that ketamine is so popular is because it can take effect in as little as 10 minutes. It provides hallucinogenic effects which will last as long as an hour when it is inhaled or injected. It causes a dissociative state which makes you feel like you are not in your body. It is for these reasons that most people go back to this hallucinogenic drug because of the experiences that people enjoy. It is also used for the wrong reasons, including date rapes, where people are rendered unconscious. Here’s how you can stop being addicted to ketamine using these simple strategies.

Ending Your Addiction To Ketamine

To end your addiction to ketamine, check into a clinic. At the clinic, they will assess your situation, and prescribe a course of action. Once you have determined what you need to do, and how long they need to be there, you need to make a decision to stop using this drug regardless of how it makes you feel. Addiction to ketamine can lead to health problems, so you should definitely find a way to stop your addiction to this drug as soon as possible.