New Approach To Residential Outpatient Treatment: Maryland Recovery In MD

The road to addiction treatment can be difficult, but thanks to Maryland Recovery, patients can count on assisted recovery. Maryland Recovery offers patients an intensive residential outpatient program instead of the usual residential or outpatient program provided by other rehabs. Patients get comfortable and safe residential houses, as well as an outpatient center where they get their detox and therapy treatment for their substance addiction.

About Maryland Recovery:

Unique & Affordable Treatment Options

Addiction treatment can be quite expensive, especially because most insurance and health plans do not cover it comprehensively. Unlike other rehabs, Maryland Recovery provides unique and affordable treatment options. The center does force people to choose between inpatient and outpatient; it combines the two treatments into one program. Again, this center works with numerous insurance companies to ensure that patient’s addiction treatment is covered beyond the usual 30 days other covered by other plans. All patients receive individualized treatment, unique to their needs.

Addiction Treatment Phases: Residential Outpatient Recovery

1. Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization Program is the first treatment phase offered by Maryland Recovery. It takes place during the first 28 days of a patient’s enrollment, and comprises daily detox and therapy at Maryland Recovery’s outpatient center. Patients reside in any of the eight residential houses located at Bel Air, Maryland, but have to walk to the outpatient center for the treatment sessions.

2. Inpatient Outpatient Treatment

Patients who graduate from the Partial Hospitalization Program phase proceed on to this stage. Patients continue residing in Maryland Recovery’s residential houses but continue their treatment at Maryland Recovery’s outpatient center. The sessions comprise more of intensive therapy than detox. For a patient to proceed to this stage, the treating professionals must approve Partial Hospitalization Program’s success first.

3. Extended Care

Presently, this is the last phase of addiction treatment offered by Maryland Recovery; the development of a fourth stage is in progress. In addition to intensive individual and group therapy, patients undergo life skills training to enhance their survival skills and re-integration back into the society. This phase is open to patients residing in Maryland Recovery’s residential house, as well as patients living within Bel Air.


Maryland provides addiction patients a comprehensive treatment program that combines outpatient and inpatient programs. The Bel Air-located residential premises offer patients a drug-free and serene environment. The outpatient center provides them (patients) the treatment sessions. Maryland Recovery acknowledges each patient’s unique needs and offers each of them an individualized treatment program.

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