Amphetamine Abuse – How To Stop It Using Professional Help

509492975Also referred to as salt tablets, amphetamines are prescribed by your doctor. People that feel unable to get up in the morning, or to properly function, are often given these medications to help them out. They have been known to help people as a cognitive enhancer, and allow higher levels of performance. This is great for people that are going to take a test in college, or that are competing in some type of event. Others have used it as an aphrodisiac, yet without a prescription, you cannot get these drugs unless illegally obtained. Here are some of the side effects that you may experience, and if you want to stop using them, what you need to do next.

Side Effects Of Amphetamines

Also called speed and uppers, these drugs do have negative side effects. Despite the fact that amphetamines can help in many different ways by stimulating your central nervous system, they also have a lot of side effects that can be detrimental. You could end up feeling musculoskeletal pain, have respiratory problems, and also develop urinary tract infections. Cardiovascular disease could actually occur with an irregular heartbeat, and too much stimulation of your CNS could lead to trembling, confusion and agitation.

How To Stop Using Amphetamines

If you would like to stop using amphetamines, you can either find a way to increase your serotonin levels using natural supplements, or you can go through a withdrawal period that will allow you to become an addicted to the drugs after a period of several weeks. Your ability to stop using them also has to do with your desire to do so, and once you are done with the withdrawals, you will be able to find a way to function outside of using amphetamines every day.