Laguna Beach Recovery’s Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction are chemical illnesses that need professional assistance to treat. Thankfully, Laguna Beach Recovery offers not only substance addiction treatment, but also dual diagnosis treatment. This rehab center treats both men and women patients, but the male and female patients do not share the same accommodation grounds.

What Is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis refers to the co-occurrence of multiple conditions in the body/ mind of a patient. In substance addiction, dual diagnosis denotes the presence of chemical addiction plus the existence of a mental illness. It is also called comorbidity or co-occuring disorders.

Dual Diagnosis: Prevalence And Reasons For This Prevalence

Contrary to popular belief, dual diagnosis is not just a myth; it affects quite a significant population. It is believed that as many as 50% of chemical addicts suffer one form of mental illness or another with, at least, 30% of alcohol addicts suffering mental imbalances. Whereas it is not entirely true that addiction/ mental illness definitely results in the presence of the other condition(s), it is true that mental illness patients are more prone to using drugs (to treat or conceal their illness) than healthy people.

Mental illnesses may alter a person’s sober judgement; resulting in drug abuse. Abuse of drugs and consequent addiction, on the other hand, changes the chemical composition of the brain. Intense chemical addiction can permanently alter brain functions; resulting in mental illnesses. Environmental triggers, genetic predisposition and developmental disorders comprise some of the other factors that explain the occurrence and prevalence of dual diagnosis.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

There is hope for dual diagnosis patients. The good news is that no matter how serious a patient’s conditions are, treatment is available. Co-occuring disorders can be treated concurrently. Alternatively, each condition can be treated once the other condition’s treatment has been finalized.

Why Laguna Beach Recovery Is The Best Rehab

Laguna Beach Recovery is one of the best rehabs and dual diagnosis treatment centers. The staffs at this centers (male and female centers) believe in treating a person wholly, and they are qualified professionals that can handle any of the conditions. Unlike other addiction treatment centers, Laguna Beach Recovery starts the treatment of dual diagnosis by stabilizing all symptoms detected at the initial assessment of a patient. This symptoms’ stabilization is followed by therapy (individual, family and group), re-introduction of life skills, education on best nutritional and health lifestyles to adapt, and guided long term recovery support. Each process is professionally handled by the rehab staffs, bearing in mind the uniqueness of each patient’s conditions.

Dual diagnosis is real and it requires professional treatment. Chemical addiction can occur together with mental illnesses in a patient; making it hard to treat. However, Laguna Beach Recovery has the infrastructure and personnel to treat dual diagnosis permanently.

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Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment