Benzodiazepine Detox Programs For Faster Healing And Restoration

New Beginnings Recovery Center offers a place where people can safely and comfortably detox from substances, without having to stay at a costly hospital. They provide intensive outpatient treatment programs for people struggling with addictive disorders, mental health disorders, and psychiatric disorders. They also have a very highly skilled team that uses a comprehensive, integrated medical approach to treatment. New Beginnings Recovery Center creates specialized treatment programs to help people achieve a successful recovery.

Benzodiazepine Withdrawal

When people stop using benzodiazepine without the proper supervision, it can become life threatening. Benzodiazepine withdrawal can cause seizures and convulsions, it is very uncomfortable and can be very dangerous. Many are unaware that they have become addicted to the benzodiazepine prescription medications that were prescribed by doctors who had good intentions. What ever the situation may be, dependency is serious, and coming off of substances is time consuming and dangerous without the medical professionals. New Beginnings Recovery Center offers medically supervised outpatient benzodiazepine detox programs in order to kick the addiction.

Outpatient Benzodiazepine Detox Program

Should you choose New Beginnings Recovery Center, they will make your detox as comfortable as possible. Patients are assessed by the professionals, and one of their various detox treatment plans are chosen. Most cases at New Beginnings Recovery Center utilizes the Heather Ashton Protocol, since it is the safest and the most comfortable option for patients having withdrawals.

Heather Ashton Protocol

This program is to help people who may have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder or underlying co-occurring disorders. The Heather Aston Protocol is used mainly used for patients that typically have long term benzodiazepine usage and dependency, but have had a stable dose. Maybe your doctor has prescribed more medications for treatment and you have gradually gain a tolerance to benzodiazepine medications. It is known that you will start to experience withdrawal symptoms that affect your life, yet you may not even realize there is a problem. With the flexibility in treatment options at New Beginnings Recovery Center, you can overcome addiction.

Here are some programs that you can always add while you undergo your customized benzodiazepine detox program. They are meant to speed up the healing process of the brain, and reduce the difficult withdrawal symptoms.

Integrative Detox Program

This program is a combination of traditional and complementary medicine. In this program, the patient will enjoy the acceleration of the brain’s healing and the restoration that has been smashed up by addiction. The Integrative Detox Program will result to the reduction of withdrawal symptoms, associated with detoxification and to have a faster recovery.

Restore Neurotransmitter Restore Program

This is a program that will give the patient an IV and oral supplements with vitamins, amino acid, and mineral repletion. This will alleviate the withdrawal symptoms and it will help restore the patient’s nutritional conditions that comes with substance addiction.

You Will Overcome Addiction

New Beginnings Recovery Center has a goal to heal all of you, your body, mind, and spirit. They will work around your schedule when creating your customized treatment plan, so you can live your life while on the road to recovery. Their medical approach, tradition and non-traditional detox treatments, can help to a successful recovery.

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