Why Parents Should Be Aware Of Ritalin Abuse Symtoms

176424535Ritalin is a prescription drug normally given to children with Attention Deficit Disorder or Narcolepsy when they’re having trouble staying on task and concentrating while in school. It has been a controversial subject for decades as to whether we should be medicating so many thousands of young children, rather than looking for the true cause of their hyperactivity. In addition, there have been some religious groups that have come out strongly against Ritalin, and it’s generic compound Methylphenidate, because they believe it is being widely over prescribed by doctors. While the legal use of this drug is debatable, the illegal abuse of this drug is not. Let’s take a look at some of the symptoms of abuse of Methylphenidate now.

Methylphenidate is classified in the United States as a class II amphetamine prescription drug, meaning that it can only be bought with a prescription from a doctor. Because this drug is prescribed and taken by millions of young children throughout the world, many teenagers falsely believe that it’s impossible to get addicted to it, and that it’s safe to abuse. Teenagers commonly call this drug “Kiddie cocaine” or “Vitamin R” rather than by its trade name or generic name.

Most commonly, young adults take Ritalin tablets and crush them into a fine powder to be snorted, rather than take the orally. This has the advantage of a faster and higher high, because the drug passes more quickly into the bloodstream rather than going through the stomach and intestines. Taking Methylphenidate in this method can seriously damage the nasal tissues inside of the nose and eventually eat away at the cartilage as well. Users can experience convulsions, rapid heartbeats and breathing problems in addition to stroke, and hallucinations when taken in excess.

Obviously Methylphenidate abuse can be a serious problem in young adults. It has been reported that it is easier for a teenager to buy Ritalin on the black market than it is to find beer or wine. This addiction can become as serious as a methamphetamine addiction, and should a parent notice their children exhibiting some of the above symptoms, a call to local a rehabilitation clinic Is definitely in order.