Getting Help For Your Ketamine Addiction


Are you currently experiencing the problem with an addiction to ketamine? It is a substance that is used by veterinarians for animals when they are doing certain types of surgery, but it can also be found on the street and sold under different names including vitamin K and special K. This drug is not exactly what you would believe to be dangerous, however this dissociative anesthetic can actually cause people to experience out of body experiences and distort their perceptions in many different ways. This article will address what ketamine is, and how you can get treatment for this drug today.

What Is Ketamine?

As mentioned before, this drug is a dissociative anesthetic, and was originally produced back in the 1970s. It has become the most popular rave drug in the last few decades primarily because of the effects that it can produce. It is actually produced by laboratories that are very adept at creating this particular substance. You can buy vitamin K on the web, or from dealers on the street, ones that have obtained large quantities of this drug for illegal sale. That is, of course, something that you would not want to do, but if you are addicted, here is how you can treat this problem.

Addiction To Ketamine

If you have an addiction to this drug, it is usually because you enjoy the feeling that you get with this particular drug. It can cause you to hallucinate, feel sluggish and also is used by unscrupulous individuals, giving it its reputation as the date rape drug. In regard to an individual that enjoys how it makes them feel, they can become addicted to the aftereffects. This drug is not good for you, and therefore you should do your best to eliminate it from your life. To do this, you will need to work with a clinic or rehab center that can help you accomplish this goal.

Rehab Centers For Ketamine

The easiest way to get help for ketamine addiction is to join a rehab center that can help you stop using this drug. Your addiction is not like opiates which change chemical interactions with receptors. Most people are simply just addicted to the way it makes them feel. You can find this type of information on the Internet, allowing you to call and set an appointment with a rehab center in your area. They will be able to help you get the help that you need right away so that you can stop being addicted to ketamine, and begin to enjoy life as you should being drug-free.

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