Alcohol Abuse Statistics – Treatment Centers Near You


There are several statistics that many people are aware of in regard to how alcohol can negatively affect a person’s health and life. Alcohol-related car crashes are definitely in the top 10 when it comes to reasons that people die every year. Liver disease can also kill people, resulting in millions of deaths all because people had an alcohol problem. In the end, what you want to do is stop drinking excessive amounts of alcohol to allow yourself to recover in order to live a better life. Here are some alcohol abuse facts that you should know, some of which were obtained from the national Institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism, to help you understand why you should get treatment as soon as possible.

Alcohol Abuse Statistics You Should Know

In the last few years, studies have shown that almost 88% of people, throughout their lifetime, have had an alcoholic beverage. Over 70% have been drinking every year, and over 50% drink month to month. Binge drinking, especially with those 18 and older, is almost 25%. This excessive amount of alcohol drinking has actually led to almost 90,000 people dying in the United States. Likewise, it has an economic burden on health insurance, to the tune of almost a quarter trillion dollars. In order to get this under control, many companies will actually use advertising campaigns, and also talk to children before they are out of high school, to ensure that they do not go down this debilitating path.

Funding Clinics In Your Area For Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse can be treated, but you need to do so as soon as possible. The longer that you drink, the more you are affecting your body in an adverse way. To improve your health, and probably your life, eliminating alcoholism from your everyday routine can only be beneficial. You can find clinics and treatment centers in your area that will be able to help you get on the track to their health and a better life by ending your addiction to alcohol.