Identifying and Treating a Crack Cocaine Substance Abuse Problem

462204887Crack cocaine, also known as crack rock, or simply crack, is one of the most serious addiction problems. The drug causes severe damage to vital organs and can also cause mental health problems. Some abusers of crack cocaine are unable to repair some of the damage done even after going through rehabilitation and getting clean.

Crack looks like tiny pieces of rock which are generally smoked through a metal or glass pipe. Abusers can often be spotted by the burn marks on their fingers and lips from handling the crack pipe. Abusers also appear restless and may have trouble staying quiet due to all the energy running through them.

Mental problems can also develop, including depression, paranoia, and anxiety. Mood swings are also a part of crack abuse. A user may be completely normal one moment and have a violent outburst the next. Unlike powdered cocaine, the effects of crack don’t last long, and a fix can be needed as often as every 10 or 15 minutes.

This is one reason why crack cocaine can lead to crime. A badly addicted user will likely have gone through all their money and need a way to get more to feed their habit. By this point abusers have likely pushed all their friends and family members away as well.

Crack cocaine addiction is one of the more difficult to overcome. Once a user recognizes the problem and wants help, it’s available. There are several rehabilitation and treatment centers available that deal with the problem on a daily basis.

There’s no question that an addiction to crack is serious and dangerous. It can cause permanent physical and mental health problems, and ruin relationships. Once an abuser decides to quit, the road to recovery will be long, but many abusers do succeed in getting clean.