Barbiturate Abuse And Withdrawals – Getting Help Today

452404805Not too long ago, one of the most popular drugs that was prescribed for a variety of reasons including migraine headaches, epilepsy, or even anxiety, were barbiturate. These drugs included Amytal, Phenobarbital, Nembutal and Seconal, and were considered to be an excellent remedy for helping people with these conditions.

Unfortunately, barbiturates act directly on the central nervous system, acting as a depressive which is why it’s able to be effective. However, because of how people can become addicted to them, people are often given Valium as an alternative medication. Let’s look at what barbiturates actually are, when they were made, and why you should avoid them at all costs.

History Of Barbiturates

Barbiturate acid was actually first created over 100 years ago back in Germany. The acid does not have an effect on your central nervous system, but derivatives of the acid actually are.

Since that time, benzodiazepines have slowly replaced all of the barbiturates that were once recommended and prescribed on a daily basis. Many people that took them felt groggy, or felt like they had a hangover, which is part of the toxicity of this particular drug.

What Barbiturates Do

Barbiturates modulate GABA receptors, neurotransmitters in the brain. They bind with GABA receptors, and by doing so, have a similar action to what opiates do with mu receptors in the brain. The more that they bind with the receptors, the better they feel. That’s why he can become very addicting as your body becomes accustomed to this type of stimulation.

You can find help for barbiturate abuse if you are actually using them by finding a clinic in your area that can help you with the withdrawals. It will take some time, but in the end, you will be able to move on from these drugs, and find something that works better for you.