Drug Abuse With Hallucinogens – Get Help Today

122414004Ecstasy, also known as “X”, is a popular drug and many party scenes. This is actually a drug that was developed by a pharmaceutical company which was originally called MDMA. Used in psychological warfare tests back in the 1950s, and later as a psychotherapy medication, it became a very popular hearty drug in the 70s, and by the 1980s, was the most popular drug used on the party scenes because of how happy it made you feel. In modern times, it is known as ecstasy, and for safety reasons has been banned for several reasons. Drug dealers became very wealthy marketing the pure form of this drug, and other mixtures which could contain any number of other illegal drugs including amphetamines, heroin and cocaine.

What Makes Ecstasy Dangerous

The primary reason that it is dangerous is not so much because of the drug itself but because those that push the drug will mix it with virtually anything. Some dealers have actually put caffeine, rat poison, and dog deworming substances in mix and people have never known. On the street, it goes by Snowball, Scooby snacks, the love drug or love pill, and is well known for its ability to amplify your sensations of touch, especially during sex. There are also hallucinogenic properties associated with this drug which can be both happy or sad. It can really damage people that are clinically depressed or that suffer from anxiety because it will amplify these feelings.

Getting Treatment For Ecstasy

To get treatment for XTC, you simply need to go to a treatment center that can help you with this problem. The first step of getting away from ecstasy is to stop going to raves or parties that hand it out freely or sell it. Once you are done with your treatment, you will be able to stop your cravings for this particular drug, something that is a good idea if you are already taking medications for depression or other mental issues. It’s simply not safe to buy it on the street because you never know what is in it, and once you quit, you will be better off.