Oxycodone, HCL, And Other Addictive Pain Medications

97429646Oxycodone, HCL, Oxymorphone and other pain medications are very addictive and must be monitored very closely. The are prescribed for patients who suffer from chronic pain. Cancer patients, burn patients, accident patients, and severe arthritis patients can all fall into that category.

Believe it or not, the greatest drug problem in the United States is not heroin or cocaine abuse, but abuse from these pain medications. They are relatively easy to obtain and they are plentiful.

A person who takes these drugs for an extended period of time is more susceptible to becoming addicted the longer he or she takes them. Many times people find that the physical pain has subsided, but the need for drug has not, so extending a prescription a time or to is fairly easy to do.

After that, the person finds ways to get the medication illegally, and the process of addiction moves into a real problem. Unless the person seeks help, he or she is going to lead a very difficult life. The only way at this point for the person to retrieve themselves from the clutches of this addition is to enter a closely supervised program in a drug rehab facility.

It will be literally impossible for a person to do this on their own, and nearly impossible outside of a formal, heavily supervised treatment program.

There has been a striking increase in the death rate from overdose of opioid drugs since 1999. There are 45 people every day that die from overdoses of opioid drugs, while there 20 people per day that perish from overdoses of
heroin and cocaine.

Opioids relieve pain by reducing the pain mechanism that are sent to the brain from injured or affected area. When the drug is taken in higher than normal doses, it gives an intensely high experience, and this is where it is dangerous.

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