High Functioning Alcoholics Can Be Hard To Spot

478523135People who are addicted to alcohol generally tend to ruin their lives with poor choices. Even those who seem to be highly functional drunks whom no one suspects of addiction will tend to make illogical decisions that go against their own best interest. This is a function of being addicted to a substance that is slowly (or quickly) destroying the addict’s health and life.

People tend to think that true alcohol addiction causes overt, obvious symptoms such as uncontrolled rage, alcohol poisoning and liver toxicity, passing out, slurred speech and so on. While these obvious symptoms are often present, the fact is a high functioning alcoholic can go for decades nearly undetected yet making horrible, far reaching decisions that will affect not only his or her daily life, but also the lives of family members and children.

High functioning alcoholics can be very convincing and forceful. They make bad investment decisions, poor (often destructive) parenting decisions, self destructive career moves and more. A high functioning alcoholic may tend to wheel and deal and make life changing decisions for his or her entire family on a whim.

While it’s easy to spot an alcoholic passed out in the driveway after a hard night of partying, a high functioning alcoholic can be very hard to spot. He or she may exhibit stellar performance in a very difficult profession. Unusual creative and persuasive capabilities are common among high functioning alcoholics. Additionally, they are often smart and cunning and may seem to be “social drinkers” when they are actually hiding quite a bit of their drinking.

Are You Dealing With A High Functioning Alcoholic?

How can you tell if the person you are dealing with is a high functioning alcoholic? Here are a few signs you should look out for:

* Rash, unusual, often self destructive decisions are common.

* Exhibits a low level of self awareness and unrealistic self-concept.

* Money runs like water through his/her fingers.

* Mood swings and irritability are common.

* Daily drinking is a “must”.

A high functioning alcoholic often lies about the amount he or she drinks and keeps alcohol stashed around for “medicinal purposes” or some other euphemism. If you suspect you are dealing with a high functioning alcoholic, or you suspect you are a high functioning alcoholic, seek professional help.

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