Benzodiazepines Are Difficult To Kick

BenzodiazepinesWhen you’re addicted to benzos, you may have a hard time getting off of them. Not only do they cause addiction, the withdrawals are as dangerous as the ones from alcohol. This is some advice you can use if this is what you have an issue with.

When you’re addicted to things like Xanax or Valium, you may be taking them for anxiety or to help you with sleep. Either way, if you take them for long enough then it may become very hard to deal with getting off of them. This is why you’re going to need to take this slow, because you’ll need to wean yourself off of this to avoid dangerous withdrawal symptoms. If you notice any hallucinations or if you have a seizure while quitting, call an ambulance or have someone to take you to the hospital right away.

There are other medications that are more save than benzos and aren’t as addictive. The hard part about getting onto other medications is that they won’t cause immediate relief for you like the Ativan or Xanax would. You’ll probably just have to wait a couple of weeks for medications to take effect, but you’ll be glad you were able to get onto these kinds of medications because you’ll be able to not have to worry about addictions. You have to be sure you stay on these, however, even if you feel better so they can keep working for you.

Now you can see that you can get off of benzos if you’re just willing to try your hand at getting help. There is no shame in admitting you have a problem. The real shame would be if you weren’t able to kick this addiction and had to deal with it the rest of your life.