Heroin and the Celebrity Connection

HeroinIn the mainstream, heroin has often been viewed as a drug that is used by hardcore addicts. It has never had the prestige that cocaine had as a drug of affluence. But nevertheless, heroin has been the death of many celebrities, even those who were not seen as people known to use drugs or were not famous for their partying ways.

Heroine, also known on the streets as smack, junk or black tar is seeing a recent surge in popularity. But it is not just down and out drug users who are turning to it. It is also taking a toll in the world of celebrities.

Most recently, the deaths of Philip Seymour Hoffman and Peaches Geldof have brought to spotlight on heroin use among celebrities. Drug use among celebrities has always been one of the issues that goes with fame and fortune. But the drugs usually associated with fame are things like cocaine, marijuana, or prescription drugs.

Certainly there is nothing glamorous about the sight of someone injecting themselves with heroin or the resulting scars or track marks. But heroin use does not always mean that the user is injecting the drug. Heroin can also be snorted which can be a very effective way of hiding an addiction while maintaining a heroin habit.

Unfortunately, it is not just the heroin that is killing heroin addicts. Some heroin users die due to infections or diseases that are contracted while injecting heroin. There is also a danger from impurities that can be contained in the heroin. Such additives increase the profit margin to dealers and increase the death rate of users.

But the recent increase in heroin deaths can also be attributed not only to impurities of heroin but rather because the heroin on the streets nowadays is often too pure and thus too strong, leading to an overdose.

Addiction treatment needs to be addressed openly by celebrities, instead of being hidden away. heroin is already in the mainstream and in the celebrity world. Isn’t it time that the realities of celebrity heroin use and addiction treatment are publicized just as well?