Common Signs of Alcohol Abuse

462297689The modern perception of the alcoholic is of someone who is completely unable to operate in normal society. While some alcoholics do drink so much that their world falls apart around them, there are degrees of alcoholism, and some people who are abusing alcohol present less obvious signs to those around them.

What is Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol abuse can be defined as any form of dependency on alcohol that causes unwise behaviour. If someone feels the need to lie about their drinking, depends on drink to relax or improve their mood, or regularly drinks more than they expected to then this could be an early sign of a drinking problem.

Common signs of alcohol abuse include engaging in drinking habits that put the drinker in dangerous situations – such as drinking and driving, drinking when taking prescription medication that is known to interact with alcohol, or drinking during the working week and then operating heavy machinery or engaging in other potentially dangerous activities while still intoxicated.

Someone who is becoming dependent on alcohol may continue to drink even once they are made aware that their drinking habit is putting stress on their relationships. The alcohol abuser may think that they are simply being “free spirited” by getting drunk with their friends, and refuse to listen to their spouse or family members about the impact that alcohol is having on their behavior and their relationship with those around them. Using alcohol as a way to de-stress on a regular basis could be a sign of a developing dependency.

If you think that someone close to you is showing signs of alcoholism, or you feel you may have a problem yourself, consider visiting an alcohol abuse treatment center. These centers are able to offer advice on beating both the physical and mental parts of alcohol addiction.

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