Alcohol Abuse Facts

Alcohol Facts* According to the World Health Organization (WHO), alcohol abuse results in 2.5 million deaths around the world, each year.

* 9% of deaths in young people today, ages 15-29 , are due to alcohol abuse related causes. A death toll of approximately 320,000 in that age group.

* Roughly 5,000 young people under 21 die from alcohol-related incidents every year in the U.S alone. These include car accidents, suicides, homicides, alcohol poisoning and other related injuries.

* Drug and alcohol abuse lowers your inhibitions and impairs your judgement when consumed, it can easily lead to drink driving, unintended sexual activity, fits of violence or other dangerous activities and behaviors .

* More than 70% of 18 year-olds admit to drinking an alcoholic beverage at least once, 80% of under aged college students are reported consuming alcohol.

* Binge drinking for Men who start to feel the alcohol abuse affects only after having 5 or more drinks within 2 hours, and for Women, 4 or more.

* The age group that seem to binge drink or what is called alcohol abuse, the most are from the 18-34 age group. This type of drinking often leads to unplanned pregnancy, accidents, STI’s, violence or alcohol dependence.

* More than 2/3rd of high school students who drink, do so to the point of intoxication.

* Statistics are that approximately 17% of men and 8% of women will be dependent on alcohol in their lifetime and may need alcohol abuse treatment.

* Facts are that Men are consistently more likely to drink more than Women and are 2 times more likely to be involved in a fatal alcohol-related car crash.

* There are about 80,000 deaths that are related to alcohol abuse every year, it ranks the third highest cause of premature death in the U.S.

* Alcoholism may cause health issues like liver, mouth or throat cancer, depression, anxiety, dementia, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, and much more.

* Excess drinking can cause alcohol poisoning which symptoms are loss of consciousness, coma or death.