Fighting Against The Return Of Crack Rock

183406971Can you believe that something so devastating from the 80’s is making a comeback? Yes, it is crack rock and it sure looks like it is coming back in full force. In the 80’s this drug was lethal, especially in the inner city neighborhoods. Now it is making a comeback due to the lackluster economy. During the bad times people always look to escape from reality, and now crack rock looks like it is filling that void in many lives.

During the 80’s there was a get tough attitude towards this drug when it got out of control, but it never really took hold and in some cases made the users of this drug more powerful. Somehow this time around there needs a much better plan to tack the criminals and also provide treatment for the users. The good things is we can learn lessons from the past, and hopefully stamp out this new crack rock epidemic before the problems gets much deeper.

Today we know more about drug rehabilitation and how to get users off these types of drugs. Although crack addiction is very tough to beat, it can happen if the user can seek treatment before he damages to many of his brain cells. The problem with crack is that it also leads to an expanding criminal enterprise. There must be more done in order to put these criminals away so they can’t spread this misery throughout the poorest of neighborhoods where seeking treatment may not be an option.

If you know someone involved with crack or personally involved it is important that you seek help, or get help for the person involved with it. The sooner a person gets help, the quicker they can recover and lead a normal life. This is a never ending battle but it must be won, and until that happens, everyone must fight against this crack rock epidemic.