A Party Of One Against Marijuana

176819951If you talk to most of the people that walk around my area, they will tell you that smoking weed is not a problem. While it is a drug and having large amounts of it can land you in jail, they have deluded themselves into believing that it is no issue. I am all for freedom of choice and expression, but I really believe that this marijuana usage epidemic is going too far.

Many people I know who smoke talk about the health benefits and how it should not be illegal because of this. Are these same people aware of the fact that cocaine was used to heal in earlier times? Just because there are some healing properties in marijuana, that does not mean that people should light up and start smoking like there is no tomorrow.

I am an avid social media user and I was disgusted when they legalized marijuana in certain cities. My news feed was riddled with people swearing that they were going to make a move. If you base your entire lifestyle on the fact that marijuana is legal in certain areas, you have a huge problem.

As far as I can tell, my girlfriend and I are some of the only people on the planet that don’t think weed is a great pastime. Actually, I think she probably would if I didn’t sit around talking terribly about people who smoke their life away.

I understand that there are people with serious illnesses that use marijuana to better their lives. I am all for using weed to give people a boost and an appetite after procedures like chemo have ripped them apart from the inside out. My problem is looking at people that are perfectly fine smoking their life away because it is “natural.” Again, so is cocaine and you don’t see people walking around bragging about using that.