Crack Rock Is Making A Comeback?

179654692Of all the things form the 80’s to make a comeback, why crack cocaine? There are many other benign things that deserve resurgence like the “We Are The World” Campaign. Unfortunately, during lean times, people turn to drugs, and crack is one drug that is cheap and potent. I think Whitney Houston said it best, “crack is wack.” She is right, crack has caused more deaths than any other drug known to man kind. It is single-handedly responsible for the destruction of many communities and the destruction of human capital. Crack most definitely is wack, and we need to put an end to it at the user level. It is at the user level where the most success is found with any drug. The 80’s prove that get tough legislation simply didn’t work and only create a new generation of ex-cons and recidivist.

If the past has taught us anything that is that drug rehabilitation is the answer. Drug rehab for crack and other drugs has more success than any other modality of drug control. When the market for these drugs dry up so does the crime associated with it. We are not so naive that we believe that we can rehabilitate everyone. First a person has to be willing accept help and it’s the willing that we are here for.

If you are of the willing or know someone else who is, we are here to help them battle crack cocaine addiction so that they can live a healthy normally, charmed life. Recovering from addiction is never easy but we have the expertise to make it easier than it is to do alone. This is a battler that you do not need to fight alone, we can go to war against crack together.