Oxycodone: Dealing With An Addiction To Pain Meds

185985076Oxycodone is a narcotic substance that is often used to help control pain and even as an anti-cough medication. You may otherwise know Oxycodone as Oxycontin, which is another common brand name for this drug. An addiction to Oxycodone can come on quickly as many users begin using it to manage pain and then will become dependent on it. As a matter of fact, studies have now shown that use of Oxycodone has increased by well over 300% in the United States alone.

This is a drug that is mean to be taken orally and it has a time release factor. However, many people who have become addicted to Oxycodone will work around the time release element by crushing it up to snort it up into the nasal passage or dissolving it so that it can be shot up with a needle. Some of the people who have developed an addiction will go as far as stealing, writing false prescriptions and even tapping into any sort of savings just to buy the pills that they feel they need.

The common feeling that comes along with use of Oxycodone will be satisfaction and even relaxation. This is a feeling that can last for many hours after the initial high after taking the drug. Unfortunate side effects that come along with an addiction to such pain meds can be a decreased breathing rate as this is a drug that impacts the respiratory system.

If you or anyone that you know is either addiction to pain medication such as Oxycodone or are in danger of becoming addicted, it is important help is sought out immediately. Taking this drug can turn into an addiction quickly and without warning and the health impact can be severe. It is best to get the professional help that is needed to kick the habit.