A Hidden Danger To Meth

168810579Methamphetamine has been used to increase person’s concentration and alertness. But if too high of a dose is ingested a manic state can occur. Meth has a very high chance of being abused. There are some medical uses for methamphetamine, but even these uses have a high possibility of addiction and should be used cautiously.

One problem facing communities today is clandestine meth labs in their neighborhoods. These houses may look like any other residence, but what goes on inside is extremely dangerous. While manufacturing meth there are many things that could go wrong. One of the worst possibilities is the chance of an explosion. The people that are running these meth labs may have a little science training, but they will not have any safety protocols in place.

Over the counter medications can be used in the production of meth in a meth lab. Almost all pharmacies and stores that carry medications now have a limit on how much medication a person can purchase. The common cold medicine pseudoephedrine is one of these medications that has daily purchase limits.

One problem with illegally produced methamphetamine is not knowing the potency of the drug that has been created. A person may purchase illegally a supply of meth and take it based off of previous experience. Unless this meth is from the same batch, there is no way to guarantee the same reaction will be obtained. Even if it is the same batch, drug reactions can vary from time to time.

Many meth users will start to exhibit meth mouth. Meth users will have a tendency to lose their teeth and also to have excessive cigarette smoking. This, coupled with prolonged periods of poor oral hygiene, will result in the common meth mouth. It is important to report any suspicious activity or abnormal over the counter drug purchases to the proper authorities.

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