The Dangers Of Youth Taking Fake Drugs

Believe it or not, there are more dangers out there than you might realize when it comes to today’s youth taking hallucinogenic drugs. Now, in addition to parents having to worry about kids and teenagers taking drugs such as LSD, the new danger lies in a variety of fake drugs to hit the streets. These drugs are made to look and act like LSD to give off hallucinogenic effects, however they contain dangerous chemicals that can often lead to a fatal overdose. In order to protect your children, there are a few things that you may want to educate yourself on when it comes to these types of new fake drugs.

A lot of times, the fake drugs to mimic LSD will come in the same forms. You can find these fake LSD drugs in pill form, as tablets, paper blotter, powder, liquid and sugar cube form. However, the chemical found within these fake drugs to be concerned about is known as NBOMe. Because this is a drug that can work slower than traditional LSD, the user may feel as though it is not working and will look for another hit or topper. This is what can lead to coma or worse yet, a fatal overdose.

Educating kids and teenagers on all of the dangers of drugs may not be enough to combat the variety of fake drugs on the market today. In addition to fake LSD, there is also fake cocaine and fake marijuana, all of which can lead to psychotic episodes, seizures and other devastating effects. All in all, it is best to try to keep a decent line of communication open so that youth have a good way of discussing any drugs that they may be faced with. While it may not be possible to stop them from experimenting, we can give them a wealth of tools to try and avoid peer pressure and to realize that there are fake drugs out there posing extreme danger.