Meth: One Of The Most Dangerous Drugs On The Planet


There are few drugs on the planet more mentally and physically damaging than methampetamine, better known as meth. This is a drug that not only robs a person of their cognitive abilities, it rots the body and makes the user a slave to their addiction. It is possibly the most evil drug in the world today. What the drug does is create a false sense of euphoria, energy and confidence. The effects can last for up to 24 hours, but as the addiction increases the duration gets shorter and shorter and the user needs a fix every few hours.

While the first hit of meth might seem like a pleasurable experience, the addiction and resulting physical damage begins almost immediately. There is no safe way to “recreationally” take this drug. The side effects of this drug are numerous. From a physical standpoint the drug can cause severe damage to the heart, brain and other critical function centers of the body. More than this it can cause extreme psychotic episodes. Taking the drug repeatedly destroys the bodies ability to heal itself causing the tissue to break down overtime. Scarring, extreme acne, rotting teeth, are just a few of the visual side effects of this drug.

From a mental perspective this drug is even worse because it destroys a person’s ability to think rationally and critically. An addict it is not capable of making good decisions. The dopamine receptors in the brain get damage through the use of meth making it impossible for a user to feel happy or any since of pleasure at all when they are not high on the drug. Overtime this damage may become irreversible. Beyond the damage to the pleasure receptors of the brain, the drug can else cause extreme paranoia, anxiety, aggressiveness, and other highly negative behaviors.

People who are addicted to this drug need help immediately. The longer they are hooked the greater the permanent damage is going to be.