Coming to Terms with Alcohol Abuse and Seeking Treatment


The effects of alcohol abuse can creep up on many people who insist they are just socializing or having a good time. Alcohol seems to be almost mandatory at many social events such as weddings, sports events and other celebratory gatherings. But for some people, their drinking continues long after the party is over.

Usually, somewhere in their heart, the alcoholic knows that their fun with alcohol is over and an insidious addiction to alcohol has begun. Most people struggle with it on their own at first and make themselves, or their family, promises about their drinking. Or there may be a flat out denial of any drinking problem and an angry response to any concerns from loved one. The alcoholic may think he or she has it under control, but deep inside they know they have a problem. Unfortunately, that just makes the drinking problem even worse. This is where the journey to rock bottom begins.

Many people with alcohol and drug abuse issues will not seek help until they have hit their rock bottom and have no other choice but to accept help. Often, family and friends are unable to help until that bottom has been reached. It is painful to watch a loved one get to that point but it can be an incredible turning point. There may be issues about “what is alcohol abuse” among loved ones who step in to help but the family of an alcoholic should present a united front to the addict when it comes to the issue of getting help.

Most alcoholics will need an alcohol abuse treatment program to help them to get sober and to stay sober. But the effects of alcohol abuse also affect the non-drinking members of the family so they may benefit from some help from a program or counseling as well.