Texas Rehab Ranch: Offering Comprehensive Treatment For Drug And Alcohol Addiction


Drug and or alcohol addiction is one of the problems that most people and their families suffer. It is important to understand that effective treatment can only be offered if a thorough analysis of the physical, social and emotional needs of the addict. This is because addressing those issues is paramount to recovery.

Drug addiction, being a physical and mental perpetual need for a drug, can be fatal if the drug were to be withdrawn abruptly. That is why it is very important (almost mandatory) for addicts of stimulants (cocaine, crystal meth, etc), depressants (alcohol, heroin, Vicodin, Hydrocodone, etc) and hallucinogens (PCP, marijuana, etc) to be professionally monitored when withdrawing from these drugs. Treatment can be done at home, drug rehab ranch or any other rehab centre.

Touchstone rehab Texas is a drug rehab working ranch that located at the edge of one of Texas horse ranches. This drug rehab ranch provides drug addicts with necessary tools to, safely, get off drugs and or alcohol. The integration of horse interaction and activities is the ranch’s key way of helping addicts re-find themselves.

Specialized services

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment involve detoxification/ detox and therapy. This ranch/ rehab offers additional service known as dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis is a situation whereby drug addiction is one of the other serious conditions that the addict suffers from; the others being a mental illness, multiple drug addiction and or physical conditions. The additional conditions make treatment for drug or alcohol addiction hard.

Psychotherapy addiction Counseling help addicts come to terms with their addiction. It also helps substance abuse counselors identify the needs of the addicts as well as enable the counselor and the addict to work together to for effective treatment. During psychotherapy addiction, assistance given to addicts aims at helping them get over addiction and gives a chance for rediscovery, through the equine process; interaction with the ranch horses.


Detox helps cleanse the addict’s body and mind from the drug. It must be carried under the supervision of an authorized physician because the addict’s withdrawal symptoms should be observed and treated, on time, with another drug.

Dual diagnosis treatment This rehab specializes in a rare aspect which other rehabs do not address; that is dual diagnosis. The rehab has well trained and equipped staffs who handle multiple diagnoses in addicts. The staffs diagnose and treat addicts who have a drug/ alcohol addiction and mental illnesses, addiction to other substances  and or physical conditions.

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