What Speed Will Really Do To You


As a college student, I’ve noticed that speed seems to be the drug of choice to use before a night out, right after Marijuana of course. My fellow classmates seem to believe that there are little to no negative effects that come with taking the drug; but that didn’t seem right to me. So I did some research of my own, and what I found was not pretty. I’ve been showing this to everyone I can, turning them away from the potentially harmful drug. Hopefully you’ll read this before it’s too late, or at least in enough time to be able to seek out help!

Many people don’t realize this; but taking speed has an immediate negative effect on your circulatory system. It sends everything into overdrive, and depending on your health this could cause potentially fatal results in just a few minutes. The human body is like a machine, and it needs to run on a delicate balance. Setting the heart to work at a speed that it cannot handle often leads to being unable to catch your breath, and in extreme cases stroke. A few minutes of “fun” is just not worth a potential lifetime of problems or even death.

Maybe you take some speed and manage to escape nasty effects like those mentioned above. That must mean that you’re in the clear, right? Not at all, as the long-term of taking speed can be even nastier. Weight loss is the most common, and we’re not talking about the kind that turns you into a model. This stuff eats away at your muscles, leaving you with loose skin and a gaunt look that is in no way attractive. The mental effects are just as bad. Depression is common, and depending on what else you’re taking violent mood swings are possible as well. It doesn’t take long before you aren’t even you anymore.

There is literally no good reason to take speed. There are better ways to feel good about yourself, without the consequences. Be smart.