Horses Help Addicts Recover – The Drug Rehab And Equine Therapy

equine therapy for addiction

Touchstone ranch is a rehabilitation center where victims of addiction are helped, so that they could get back to their feet again and lead a normal and a regular life. The place boasts of horses, the contact of patients with the animals has proven to have sped up recovery, and has brought back meaning and hope to individuals.

The drug rehab and equine therapy, requires the drug addict to come in contact with a horse, he is to care for the animal by performing regular chores, this activity helps the individual get some perspective of life. The daily tasks enable the patient understand the animal and in turn reflect upon his own self, he also gains a sense of responsibility, and the bond between the person and the animal gives him the encouragement to look forward to life. The exercise jolts back the spirits that were dampened and opens his mind so that he starts looking at things in a positive manner.

Relationship between drug rehab and equine therapy

The patient and the animal have no pre-conceived notion or opinions about each other, getting in touch regularly helps them form a bond, the patient then realizes how his behavior affects him and the people around him, and the practice is a breakthrough in his process for recovery.

The relationship building is monitored by counselors throughout, and the patient is asked to talk about how he feels, and what he thinks of his regular chores, and relationship with the animal. The therapy serves as a life rebuilding exercise for the patient.

Touchstone recovery center enables people to recover from addiction of drugs, alcohol, and other chemical dependencies. The latest therapies applied have proven to have a very good success rate, and many patients have recovered within a short span of ninety days. It is operated by a team of dedicated professionals who take utmost care to meet the high standards of quality. Success is determined by the number of patients who recover and remain stable for two years after their counseling sessions.

If one is looking forward to a treatment, either for his self or for friend and family, then he should opt for drug rehab centers with horses, that is the latest way of helping people recover, and become a part of the society.

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